Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 3 - Research and Background

Currently, effort is being put towards researching means of material manipulation, specifically for bending our bar stock. Basic research so far shows low-cost methods are all manual, utilizing either torque/leverage by hand or applying pressure via hydraulic ram with a die.

Effort is also being put towards gaining access to on-campus machine shops. Seeing as iteration and design are our focus for the coming weeks, this is not yet an issue. We have some time to get things worked out on this front before it becomes an issue. Kevin has some tools at home, so work may proceed there if necessary.

With regards to last week's post, there are several updates that can be made:
1) One loop of the track is currently usable, and restoration of the track takes precedence over fabricating a new one at this time. Some material is available from last year to expand, if possible.
2) Some fabrication tools are non-operational. See images below.
3) Communication with other teams has been set up, namely in the form of Slack and Google Drive.

The band saw shaft broke, so the entire bottom assembly with the motor has been removed.

The grind disc on the grinder is down to bare metal. Would have to look to replace it to use it.

The mill is missing the drive mechanism to allow for vertical movement of the head.

The lathe appears to be alright, but it is dusty and there's no oil nearby to use to lubricate it. Did not turn it on to run it for fear of running with no oil in the gears.

Updated gantt chart: 

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