Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 6 - Finalize Initial Design & Models

Initial design nears completion. The idea for the original bender appeared to be more work than creating a copy of a Hossfeld, so a change in direction was made. Additional time required to accommodate the design is acceptable, as the plan between this week and the next is to finalize a design to begin construction of.

Access to the on-campus machine shop is yet forthcoming. Investigation into why the process is taking as long as it is will be made this week, as fabrication is to start soon.

Die sizing will be determined by the final numbers from the track team. A 1:1 die will not be used, due to the curvature required being fairly large. Odds are that revisions to die size will be the most time-consuming portion of the project, if bender arms can be fabricated without much difficulty.

See individual blogs' weekly post for more information.

Presentation 1:

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