Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 28: Coming Up, Paseo Public Prototyping

The Paseo Public Prototyping Challenge is coming soon, and is to take place on April 8th this year. There is yet work to be performed on the project at large, including integration and testing of systems, however the track fabrication and process development team has completed all work assigned to and requested of them thus far. The team is still looking to provide support to other teams should they request any, but no additional requests have been made to date.

A general but not all-inclusive list of tasks for the future is as follows:
・Record findings, problems, learnings from past semesters
・Document how to use devices created for project (material bender, bend block)
・Return extra raw material to shop
・Investigate extra tasks (variable-radius bender, hydraulic bender, etc.)
・Return shop keys

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