Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 15: Winter Break, Finals Week

Regularly scheduled classes have ended and finals have begun. No work has been performed on the bender due to focus on finals and rearranging machines and tools in the garage. Additionally, uncertainties pertaining to requirements from other teams has the potential to greatly affect the work that the team would need to do, so the request for specifics and solid details has been made to the teams that require work from us. The winter break is a good time to allow those teams to solidify their plans and for materials to arrive before construction on the bender resumes. See Kevin's blog post of the week for more specific information.

The tank desk mentioned throughout the past few weeks has been acquired for 0$ from Craigslist, and currently sits underneath a pile of other things, as the garage is being rearranged. It is estimated that the desk has the requisite size, robustness, and weight to allow the bender to be mounted to it and used as-is. The final verdict on this will come at a later time, however.

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