Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 14: Final Presentation, Next Semester

Work this past week focused on the final report, third writing assignment, and revising the third and final presentation for the semester. A tank desk was acquired as a potential surface for mounting the bender upon, and will look to be tested early next year. For the remainder of this semester and this year, minimal effort will be put towards the build of the bender itself. This is due to the requisite capability required of the team (bending of flat stock to specifications) having been met, and the potential of a change in the material to be used for the track a real possibility. The material tested on thus far has provided promising results, which will lead the way for what will need to be performed next. The current forecast is that any track the team will be required to build can be achieved in a timely manner in the coming semester.

Third presentation:

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