Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 34: Build Update, Final Report & Presentation

May 12th is coming soon, which is the Senior Design Conference where the senior projects that seniors have been working on through the past two semesters show what they have accomplished and learned. Each group and subteam, including ours, will need to present, and compiling information towards that goal (as well as for the final report) is ongoing.

With regards to the build requests received thus far, the solar panel racks are approximately 20% complete. Most of the required parts have been acquired already, with a section of angle stock being the last section necessary acquisition.

The bogie backstop for the 1/2 scale track will be tested later today in the shop, the results from which will determine the trajectory needed to complete the build.

Go to Kevin's blog post this week for more specific updates on the builds.

Solar panel rack end sections.

Half scale bogie backstop.

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