Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week 31: Preparing for Paseo

The Paseo Public Prototyping challenge is only a few days away. Updated information from the other small scale teams is promising, with a completed bogie being able to traverse a single loop as of several days ago. Admittedly, what will be presented at Paseo will not be the most refined version that the small scale team has to offer, but should still function relatively well and allow for revisions heading towards MakerFaire.

No requests for help have been made of the track improvement team.

More detailed investigation will need to be made into the state of the aged and donated tools around the shop, but many of them appear to be broken beyond repair, are missing parts that cannot be found, do not have the requisite associated items, need new parts, or just do not work well.

Click here to go to the week 3 post for some basic investigation into shop tool issues.

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