Thursday, May 11, 2017

Week 36: Final Presentation & Documentation

The final presentation has been completed and will be shown at the Senior Design Conference on Friday May 12th. It will showcase the work the team has put forth this year and demonstrate the accomplishments achieved. In case the video at the end of the presentation does not work, click the link below:

What will not be shown in the presentation will be the bogie backstop for the half-scale team, as that work was not directly within our purview. Comments about the aged shop machinery will be reserved for the final report, or may exist only as a reference for future teams.

Final documentation shall be complete by this time next week in preparation for the completion of the semester. Any knowledge gained from this semester will be condensed into some form to be accessible to teams beyond our year.

As a final note with regards to builds, the half-scale bogie backstop achieved a gravity-assisted slip-fit onto the existing structure, requiring no modifications whatsoever.

The half-scale bogie backstop fit as planned.

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