Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week 37: Final Report & MakerFaire

The final report that summarizes the entirety of the work performed this year is being complied to be delivered by Friday, May 19th, and coincides with the beginning of MakerFaire. MakerFaire will be the final and most significant public viewing of the work that has been put forth on the Spartan Superway project. The twelfth-scale teams have come together well and created a reliably functioning model, which the previous year did not have. Track Fabrication and Process Development has produced quality work that has empowered the entire twelfth-scale team to do well, namely with reference to corner sections made and aid on the solar panel rack creation.

Expect the final report to be made available in the coming days.

Lastly, the bender has been moved to the shop, and necessary documentation on how to use it will be added before final completion of the project.

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