Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 13: Documentation & Reports

Work this week focused on completion of the third presentation and the final report for the semester. The presentation includes information for what has been done so far and what remains to be done next semester. The final report will provide an overview of what has been learned through work done this semester and what will be done next semester for our portion of the project. It will also include more specific detail about what the Spartan Superway project is, how automated transportation networks (ATNs) can have large beneficial impacts on cities and public transportation, with a focus on San Jose and the Bay Area. The final report will also include more specific details about what has been built for the project, with special mentions going out to people, groups, or companies that have had an outstanding or extraordinary impact on what we have done.

The creation of dies according to calculated values and the corresponding outputs according to specifications meant that we could have confidence in the work we have done thus far, and that we are proceeding in the correct direction for what is required of us. Being the track fabrication team, we expect that other teams will eventually have work they will ask of us, so we are aiming to have extra time set aside next semester to accommodate the yet unknown work that may be expected of us.

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