Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Week 10: Outlook For The Semester, Progress

The details on the Gantt chart are to be revised in light of progress made on the bender and die thus far. Forming metal around a sample die by hand has produced promising results, so work will focus on making use of the current bender in combination with specific dies.  With the current progress, it appears that minimal additional materials will be required to complete the working bender. It remains to be determined if the precision necessary can be achieved with our bender, but results from this coming weekend should aid in decisions for the track improvement team and work being done in-house or contracted out.

From previous week's measurement, inner radius of 20" is confirmed and 1:1 scaled of wanted curve drawing is printed out. It will be used to precise the die radius by comparing each bend to the plot.

Below is an example of some work done this past weekend:

The current die being worked on with the holding block.
Work to be done on arm with roller (not shown).

Aluminum block to hold material (see above).
Hole has been drilled, and to be reamed out.

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