Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 12: Where We're At, What's Working

The first die created to produce bends exactly worked exceptionally well. Careful manufacture of the die and all other parts concerned meant that the end result was as expected, with close build tolerances lending themselves to the perfect outcome that was achieved. The next step is to create a die for the larger material and corner bend, and confirm that the numbers work for that as well.

Information from the track improvement team last week pointed towards potentially not needing to fabricate station pieces, so further details will be gathered towards that end as things progress.

Other teams have requested manufacturing services of us, mainly in the form of bending material or drilling through-holes. Additional details were requested from said teams, but no information has come back yet.

The new die, new bend block, and bent material are
shown above. The radius was as expected, and the arc
angle was also as expected.

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